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We’re an independently ran, boutique creative company with over 10 years of experience. Specializing in offering services that combine creative solutions in both the online and offline worlds for those in creative, retail, food, and wellness industries who want to get their brand off the ground, refresh their old brand identity or add to their current branding and marketing efforts.

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Testimonials & Featured Work

Desiree’ is very dedicated and driven

She has a very creative outlook that carries out into all of her work. I frequently come back to her for various design projects, knowing that she will deliver great quality every time. If you are looking for a great designer, you would be lucky to have her.

Lauren M.
Title Source

I will always be grateful for Desiree’s talents in helping me with my projects

Desiree’ is not only a creative designer, but she also is patient enough to explain her work. When she helped me create my blog site on WordPress, I asked a hundred questions, and she guided me through the process. 

Lisa K.
IntentionalDental Consulting & Beyond32Teeth Blog

She will be a great asset to anyone

Desiree’ worked with me on several web and graphic design projects. She is an intensely creative, talented, focused, gifted young woman. Anyone would be lucky to work with her. 

Alia H.
Vanguard Community Development Center

There isn’t a person I wouldn’t recommend her services to

A hardworking, fair, and creative person who has a distinctive eye for design that conveys a sense of fun and energy in all of her work. She is prompt and fair, which in a world that is consistently moving and shifting, makes for a happy client.

Mackenzie G.
Michigan State University

Able to lead web projects with effectiveness

Desiree’ is an exceptionally gifted creative with the ability to complete diverse and complex design work. Desiree’ reliably creates high-quality projects and is integral in supporting the rest of the team with her diverse skill set.

Phil D.
Web Accessibility Coordinator, Michigan State University

She can do anything you need!

Desiree’ has it all — leadership, organization, ownership, vision, and commitment. She is the first person I’ll call whenever a new opportunity arises. 

Stephen R.
Digital College Network

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Zoom vs Google Meet

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Why We Prefer WordPress for Website Design

Why We Prefer WordPress for Website Design

WordPress is, by far, the most popular content management system of choice. We use it for every website we create. If you want to build a website that’s designed to last, is secure, and is easy to update, read this post on why you should get on board with using WordPress.

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What does heart-centered branding mean?

What does heart-centered branding mean?

There are always new terms floating around when building a business. Before jumping right on them to adopt as your own, it’s valuable to know what they really mean. So here it goes. For this post, we’ve deep-dived into what a “heart-centered brand” is, and how can you successfully build one. Have a read!

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