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A great brand is so much more than a well-designed logo. We can help you turn heads with a strong, consistent brand.

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Build trust and loyalty with a visual system that captures people’s hearts!

No matter the experience, first impressions are everything!

Branding is the essence of your business, and every brand has to start somewhere. Your brand is bigger than your logo alone. A strong brand identity that reflects your message and goals makes you more likely to develop trust from everyone connected to your brand.

With our branding services, we aim to create a unique, cohesive visual system that includes brand strategy, identity development, and collateral design that accurately represents your brand.

Read on, or download the info packet, to learn more about our services and how we can get started on your project!

Why you are here…


You’re overwhelmed with ideas about what your brand should look like.


You spend hours fiddling around with templates and designs that appear amateurish and doesn’t look the way you envisioned.


Your current visual identity is lacking impact when compared to the quality of your business, and you’re not sure how or where to start.


You’re starting your new business and dreaming of a one-of-a-kind brand to set you apart.


You understand that an effective, quality brand is necessary to take your business to the next level, but the high fees of professional designers aren’t in the budget and cheap logos found online look won't cut it!

How we can help!


Create a customized and well thought out brand that fits you and your target audience


An easy-to-follow process that takes the guesswork out of design and fits into your budget.


Quick turn-around with your brand launching in 1-4 weeks. ** Based on typical projects. Varies based on scope. **


Customizable packages that allow you to add on additional features and only pay for the items you need.


Refresh or upgrade your current branding with cohesive collateral and assets to expand your brand across multiple platforms.

Cohesive visual elements to boost your brand!

A strong visual brand doesn’t just include the logo, but it unites all of your visual elements and messaging to help you fulfill the promises that you make to your audience.

Whether you’re just starting out or wanting to refresh the look for your brand, we can help you transform your business into one you and your customers will love. We’ll work side-by-side with you to bring your vision for your brand to life with a custom identity kit crafted specifically to meet your needs.

Let’s create a visual brand that turns heads!

Words From Our Clients

She can do anything you need!

Desiree’ has it all — leadership, organization, ownership, vision, and commitment. She is the first person I’ll call whenever a new opportunity arises. 

Stephen R.
Digital College Network

She will be a great asset to anyone

Desiree’ worked with me on several web and graphic design projects. She is an intensely creative, talented, focused, gifted young woman. Anyone would be lucky to work with her. 

Alia H.
Vanguard Community Development Center

Our signature process is proven to help your brand get noticed by everyone

Our visual branding process is structured to not only create a beautiful visual identity system, but also to help you clarify your brand purpose and strengthen your brand’s core foundation, for a more heart-centered approach to branding. All of our branding packages will provide you with the perfect foundation to make your mark, while providing you with the right tools and resources to support you as your brand continues to grow.

Discovery & Proposal

The first phase of every project is the Discovery Call to get to know you and learn about your goals, where you might be stuck, and how we can help you succeed!

If we find that we're a good fit, we'll prepare a Project Proposal for your branding package. Our proposals detail how we would approach the task at hand and the specifics for your project. We curate each brand identity project with precisely the right deliverables that your brand needs —because there's usually no 'one-size-fits-all' package.

If you decide to go ahead, the contract is signed, the deposit is paid, and your project is scheduled into our calendar. We'll then move to the next phase to kick off your project!

Pre-work & Strategy

A successful brand has a complete visual branding system in place to build trust and loyalty. We'll help develop and refine your core foundation by providing our custom DIY Brand Blueprint Kit. With this, you can plan your brand strategy and styling that everyone will love. This is a practical step-by-step guidebook and workbook that's overflowing with helpful guidance for crafting a brand with heart. It also features several exercises, templates, and resources to take the guesswork out of the entire branding process.

With the brand's foundation and some style preferences submitted, we'll review it thoroughly to make sure we understand your answers, and conduct research of our own. With both, we can start to create a strong strategy to get your brand noticed. Other questions may arise that can be discussed, so we will hop on a Clarity Call. At the end of this phase, your brand strategy will be all sewn up, and we'll have a solid base to work from moving forward.

Moodboard & Styling

Here's where the fun starts! Armed with all we gathered from the previous phases, things can start getting more visual! We'll jump into things by creating your second set of deliverables, starting with a moodboard based on your brand inspiration. 

As we develop the moodboard, we also take time to prepare our custom color palette and font suite recommendations. These are based on your preferences, as well as the psychology of colors and the personality of fonts. Then we will send it off to you for your review.

Once we've agreed on a theme that resonates with you, we'll prepare a Design Brief to show your brand's core essence and where we plan on taking it in the design phase.

Concepts & Refinement

Now is where it all starts to come together — the design phase!

We will begin drafting your brand identity, starting with your logo. With some brainstorming, we'll dump all of our ideas for a logo, and present our choice for your primary logo in greyscale, along with some secondary options for feedback.

Once we decide on the best approach, we will refine the design until we get a solid primary logo. Then, it's time to expand the design further and develop your identity kit. 

Identity Kit & Add-Ons

Now that we have a logo established, it's time to expand the design further and develop the rest of your identity kit. We'll apply the design to the remaining pieces of your identity kit and create mock-ups for the final presentation.

Beyond your identity kit, your package can include several other services to help you grow and be expanded upon as your brand's needs evolve. This can include:

WordPress Website Design & Development
Social Media Strategy & Styling
Workshops & Consultations

Feedback & Revisions

It's time to review the full package!

We will mock up and present the full identity kit to get your feedback. Although several phases require input, this step is essential to make sure that you are happy with all of the pieces.

Based on the feedback and discussion, we will refine and tweak a chosen concept. Mostly these may mean minor changes to the color theme, different layouts, or alternative typefaces. 

Finalization & Delivery

Once we are sure that you're happy with your design, and the logo is perfect, we can put the finishing touches on everything!

All the appropriate formats and layouts are included, along with monotone black and white versions for varied usage backgrounds. Any collateral files will also be packaged in these formats, where applicable, along with the necessary formats for images, colors, and fonts. The digital files for the materials we've created for you will be neatly arranged in an online folder so you can use it for all future projects. 

To make sure you know how to use everything going forward, you'll be getting an Alignment Guide along with your Brand Guidelines. Together they will help you succeed using your new brand identity, with less room for error!

Launch & Celebrate

Now it's time to celebrate — there's a big day ahead!

Starting with planning the launch date and roll-out (i.e., how and when your brand will be launched on various channels). Since there are various steps involved with launching a brand, we created a Launch Planner to help you plan for and execute your official launch. It includes planning both the launch date and communication strategies, and make sure you haven't missed anything. Once that's completed, it's finally time to launch your brand!

With your brand launched to the public, we'll help drive traffic by debuting it on our website and social media platforms. We will link to your website or social media so that you can gain some exposure. After that, it's time to break out the bubbly!


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