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distinctive and consistent

Brand Identity 
Design & Strategy

Developing a new service brand?
Your brand having an identity crisis?
Are your graphics lacking?

We LOVE creating distinctive and consistent brands that grow with you. To stand out in an over-saturated market, you need to not only offer a great service but also create an everlasting brand impression. A strong visual brand doesn’t just include the logo, but it unites all of your graphic elements and messaging to help you fulfill the promises that you make to your audience. 

If your brand needs a new identity, let’s talk!

Functional and Dynamic

WordPress Websites
& Online Care

Overdue for a new website?
Need to update your online presence with current & useful content?

For the most effective and comprehensive visual brand, we recommend having both online and offline aspects of your business represented clearly and consistently. We create functional and dynamic Divi WordPress websites to help you stand out online. Not only do we offer websites, but we also create strategic social media plans to help you dominate your online presence.

Let’s build an online home your audience will love!

We Love to create cohesive brands & online homes for service-based businesses & entrepreneurs that want to stand out

For over 10 years, we have offered an array of services that combine creative solutions in both the online and offline worlds for those who want to get their brand off the ground, refresh their old brand identity or just get some one-time projects completed.

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Testimonials & Featured Clients

“Desiree' is not only a creative designer, but she also is patient enough to explain her work. When she helped me create my blog site on WordPress, I asked a hundred questions, and she guided me through the process. I will always be grateful for Desiree's talents in helping me with my projects.”

Lisa L. Knowles, DDS, IntentionalDental Consulting & Beyond32Teeth Blog

"Hardworking, fair and creative person who has a distinctive eye for design that conveys a sense of fun and energy in all of her work. She is prompt and fair, which in a world that is consistently moving and shifting, makes for a happy client. There isn't a person I wouldn't recommend her services to."

Mackenzie G., Michigan State University

"Desiree' is an exceptionally gifted creative with the ability to complete diverse and complex design work. Desiree' reliably creates high-quality projects and is integral in supporting the rest of the team with her diverse skill set."

Phil Deaton, Michigan State University

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Writing, planning and journaling have always had a special place in my heart. Between keeping a diary, getting into art school for my doodles done out of boredom, constantly rewriting my ABC's to practice my handwriting, and writing poetry... I've always had a pen...

Brand Identity Strategy & Design 

WordPress Web Design & Care 

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