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About Brand & Press

We specialize in Branding, WordPress Websites, and Online Care for service industry brands with big hearts (like you!) looking to shape their branding in a cohesive and visually pleasing way.

Get to know more about us below.

Launching a business is hard work! There are so many things to learn, create, and manage that makes it hard to keep track of everything.

Don’t stress, we’re here to help! 

Truth is, it’s perfectly natural to obsess about the details of your brand. Over here at Brand & Press, we know what it’s like and we want to take away the stress and excuses by taking the design work off your plate so you can spend more time focused on your business.

For every project that we take on, we start by understanding the mission, values, and heart of your brand to uncover the needs of your audience. This foundation allows the design concepts that emerge to be thoughtful, intentional, and to clearly communicate your message to the right people.

Let us be your brand’s secret weapon!

Together, we can bring all of your ideas to life in print or pixels, and get your business up and running quickly and well-designed.

About the Owner

For over 10 years, Desiree’ has been a creative and strategic resource for service-based brands and small businesses across the U.S. As someone that has worked in the service industry just as long as they’ve been a creative professional, Desiree’ started Brand & Press to help service brands elevate their marketing, stand out online, and achieve their goals.

Originally from Detroit, MI, she moved to Lansing to study Media Arts and Graphic Design — she now resides in Houston, TX with her rescue pup Bandit. She is also the founder of “The Clueless Group”, an organization aimed at providing black youth and young adults with the clues to navigate life, and the owner of the “Crafts ‘n Cursive” online shop, which sells a collection of illustrative goods, notebooks, and apparel for black women and creatives. You can read more about her and what she’s up to on her blog “JustDesi” and connect with her online at @desimslaughter!


If you’ve made it this far, I’m sure you have some sort of burning desire to get started on that project you’ve been holding back on. DON’T BE AFRAID!
Choose the path that best fits your needs and let bring your ideas to life!

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