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WordPress Website Design Services

Elevate your online presence with custom WordPress website design services that tell your story and attract your ideal customers.

Dynamic WordPress websites to get your brand online with less stress!

Your website is one of the most powerful tools in your brand’s toolbox that you could invest in!

Tell your brand’s story and give your business the exposure it deserves with a custom, brand-centered website design that will build credibility, improve your online presence, and attract your ideal customers.

We understand what features your business website needs, so from consultation right through to build, you can feel confident that you are working with the right team. It should pull everything together for your brand: the visual identity, strategy, and marketing. Whatever service you are looking for, we know exactly how to bend WordPress to our will to create a custom-designed solution to meet your needs!

Read on, or download the info packet, to learn more about our services and how we can get started on your project!

Why you are here…


You lack the tech skills + know-how to create a website yourself.


You lack the time or interest to create your own website.


You have a website but it’s not performing as you want it to.


You have a website but you’re embarrassed to send people to it because it needs a complete overhaul.


You have a tight budget and don’t think you can afford to work with a designer.


You’re stressed out and overwhelmed because you know you need a website ASAP.

How we can help!


A website that's easy-to-manage, WORKS, and helps you grow without dealing with all of the nitty-gritty tech details


A scalable website that can grow with your business; no need to start all over if you need to add more features.


Customizable packages that allow you to add on additional features and only pay for the items you need.


Quick turn-around with your website launching in 2-6 weeks. ** Based on typical projects. Varies based on scope. **


Boost your brand with a dynamic, high-quality website solution that works hard for your brand and is affordable enough to fit your budget.

Transform your digital presence with WordPress Websites that grow with you!

Welcome to a realm where your brand’s online impact isn’t just a possibility—it’s a strategic reality crafted to resonate and captivate. At Brand & Press Studio, our WordPress Website Design Services are the gateway to elevating your online presence, telling your unique story, and magnetizing your ideal clientele.

Dynamic WordPress Websites: Your Key to Online Success!

Beyond mere functionality, our services offer dynamic WordPress websites that not only get your brand online but do so with minimal stress. We understand the pivotal role your website plays in your brand’s arsenal, making it one of the most powerful tools you can invest in.

Your Website: A Powerful Brand Asset

Your website is more than a digital space; it’s a commanding force in your brand’s toolbox. Our custom WordPress website designs are meticulously curated to tell your brand’s story, providing the exposure your business deserves. We create brand-centered designs that establish credibility, enhance online visibility, and magnetically attract your ideal customers.

Confidence in Every Step: From Consultation to Build

Navigating the complex landscape of website development can be daunting, but with us, you can tread confidently. Our team ensures that every step, from initial consultation to the final build, is a collaborative process. We bring together your visual identity, strategic goals, and marketing aspirations, seamlessly weaving them into a WordPress masterpiece.

Bending WordPress to Your Brand’s Will

Crafting a custom-designed solution tailored to your brand’s unique needs is our expertise. Whatever service your brand demands, we know precisely how to harness the power of WordPress to create a website that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Why Choose Brand & Press?

  • Comprehensive Understanding: We comprehend the features your business website requires, ensuring a website that works for you.
  • Visual Identity Integration: Your website should pull everything together for your brand—visual identity, strategy, and marketing. We make sure it does.
  • Expert Consultation: From consultation to completion, we guide you through the process, providing expertise and transparency at every turn.

Learn More or Dive In—Your Journey Starts Here!

Ready to transform your online presence? Explore the details of our services below or submit an inquiry request if you’re ready to kickstart your project. Your journey to a stress-free, high-impact WordPress website begins now!

Crafting Your Digital Success—Let’s Get Started!

Our Signature Web Process is Proven to get your brand online & converting

Our web design process is structured to not only create a beautiful website, but also to help you strengthen your brand’s core foundation and create content that people want to see, for a more heart-centered approach to website design. Learn more about our process below.


Discovery & Strategy

We will schedule a Discovery Call so that we can get to know more about your brand and see where we can help you grow. Then we will send you a Proposal for your project.

Moodboard & UI Styling

We'll help develop your website content with our DIY Website Content Planner Kit. Then we'll hop on a Clarity Call so we'll have a solid base to work from moving forward.

Wireframing & Design

We build the wireframes, A.K.A. the skeleton, to plan how the website will look to finalize the website's overall look before moving on to any development.

Custom Development

Things begin to get more technical with functional development and advanced customizations to get everything working and looking great before your site goes live.

Feedback & Testing

Based on feedback and discussion, we will refine and tweak your site. Mostly these may mean minor changes to the colors, formatting, or alternative typefaces.


Publishing & Delivery

We'll move the site to your hosting account and publish it to make it visible online! You'll also get a Website Guide, and we'll do some basic training so that you can manage your site with ease.

Launch & Promotion

Your site is now ready for the world to see! You'll get our Website Launch Planner to help you plan for and execute your official launch. We'll also promote your site on our accounts!

Post-Launch Support

Post-launch, our relationship doesn't have to be over. As a courtesy, we offer a FREE month of the "Basic Secure" WordPress Care Plan following your launch. 

Words From Our Clients

{Desiree’ is very dedicated and driven! She has a very creative outlook that carries out into all of her work. I frequently come back to her for various design projects, knowing that she will deliver great quality every time. If you are looking for a great designer, you would be lucky to have her.
Lauren M.
Title Source
{I will always be grateful for Desiree’s talents in helping me with my projects! Desiree’ is not only a creative designer, but she also is patient enough to explain her work. When she helped me create my blog site on WordPress, I asked a hundred questions, and she guided me through the process.
{Able to lead web projects with effectiveness! Desiree’ is an exceptionally gifted creative with the ability to complete diverse and complex design work. Desiree’ reliably creates high-quality projects and is integral in supporting the rest of the team with her diverse skill set.
Phil D.
Web Accessibility Coordinator, Michigan State University
{She will be a great asset to anyone! Desiree' worked with me on several web and graphic design projects. She is an intensely creative, talented, focused, gifted young woman. Anyone would be lucky to work with her.
Alia H.
Vanguard Community Development Center

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Are you a previous client? Let us take website updates and maintenance off your plate!

With our WordPress website plan and Content Task Blocks, we can help keep your website current and secure with any CMS updates (i.e. WordPress core & plugin upgrades) and even website additions.

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