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“The Online Home” 10-Page Website + Blog

A bespoke 10-page WordPress + Divi website to help you get online and captivate, convert, and conquer the digital landscape. Inquire today.
Starting Price: $3950

Service Description

A custom website solution to help you stand out online!

Your logo and branding are spot-on, but is your website keeping up? Whether you’re a blogger, professional, solopreneur, or business owner, our custom website solution is the key to turning your digital presence into a powerhouse. We understand the unique needs of businesses like yours, and we’re here to create a WordPress website that not only attracts but retains and converts visitors.

Tailored for Your Branding Perfection

Already have your branding in place? Fantastic! “The Online Home” is designed for businesses and entrepreneurs who want a website that seamlessly complements their established branding. We take your branding elements and weave them into a brand new, one-of-a-kind website that resonates with your audience. Detailed product descriptions, online marketing—whatever your needs, our 10-page package is the ideal canvas for your digital masterpiece.

A Complete 10-Page Website at an Unbeatable Price

Our 10-page website layout package is a comprehensive solution at a great price. Perfect for businesses with a lot to share, this package provides all the essential features needed to run a small or large website. Worried about scalability? With WordPress, adding and changing pages is a breeze, ensuring your website evolves seamlessly with your growing business.

Don’t settle for an ordinary online presence. Let “The Online Home” be the digital cornerstone of your success. Invest in a website that not only reflects your brand but propels it forward. Transform your digital narrative and watch your online influence soar! Upgrade to “The Online Home” Today!

What’s Included:

  • “Brand-o-graphy” DIY Business Branding Framework Workbook: Get started on the right foot with our comprehensive branding workbook that empowers you to define and refine your business identity.
  • Business Foundation Audit & Strategy Consultation OR Website Audit & Strategy Consultation: Tailored consultations to ensure we understand your business goals, laying the groundwork for a strategic online presence.
  • “Get Online” DIY Website Playbook: A step-by-step guide to help you navigate the online landscape and make informed decisions about your website.
  • Moodboard & Interface Styling: We’ll create a visual representation of your brand’s aesthetic, ensuring your website resonates with your audience.
  • WordPress Installation & Setup: Seamless setup of the robust WordPress CMS to lay the foundation for your website.
  • Divi Theme Installation & Customization: Harness the power of Divi, a versatile theme customized to align perfectly with your brand.
  • Custom Homepage Layout Design: Your website’s first impression will be a memorable one with a tailored homepage design.
  • About, Contact, and Default Page Layout Design: Consistent and aesthetically pleasing default page layouts for a cohesive user experience.
  • Custom Blog Page Layout Design: Engage your audience with a uniquely designed blog layout, reflecting the personality of your brand.
  • (5) Custom Page Layout Design: Two additional pages designed to showcase your content with creativity and flair.
  • Basic SEO Configuration: Lay the groundwork for better search engine visibility with a basic SEO setup.
  • Custom Branded Featured Photo: Make a lasting impression with a striking branded featured photo.
  • 1-hour Website Walkthrough & Tutorial: We guide you through your website, ensuring you feel confident managing your online space.
  • “WordPress with Love” Guidebook: A comprehensive guide to help you navigate and leverage the full potential of WordPress.
  • Complimentary 2-week Post-Launch Basic Website Support: We stand by our work with two weeks of post-launch support, ensuring a smooth transition into your online journey.

What to Expect:

Our websites are built using the extremely powerful WordPress platform. That means you’ll have a fast, stable website, easy to navigate, and even easier to update! Your website will be fully responsive, which means it is designed to work on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

If you need more options than what is included in our standard websites, we’ve got you covered with our affordable add-on options, such as adding extra pages, newsletter signups, and much more.

Ready to get started?!

To request a quote for your project, the first step is to complete the Client Application & Needs Assessment form. Click on the button below to go to the form. We use your responses to build your client profile and get an idea of the services that would best suit your needs. We will schedule a Discovery Call to customize your quote based on your unique needs before we start working on your project.

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