H&M Discount Second Hand Store Brand Refresh & Website

We refreshed the current brand identity for H&M Discount Second Hand Store and created a WordPress website with e-commerce and blog features.


H&M Discount Second Hand Store

Scope of Work:

Brand & Press Studio collaborated closely with Dave to refresh their brand identity and create a WordPress website with e-commerce and blog features, tailored specifically for H&M Discount. The package included:

  • Main + Alternate Logo Designs: The store’s brand identity was already established and used on the external storefront and previous business cards, but the client didn’t have access to the brand identity files. We recreated their main text-based logo to match what they previously had and created additional variations to match.
  • Color Palette: The 6-color brand palette consists of two black hues, two yellow hues, light grey and white.
  • Business Card Design: Using the updated brand identity, we recreated the previous business card design.
  • One-page WordPress Website: We designed a customized WordPress website template using the Divi Theme to create a dynamic homepage, blog, and shop using Woocommerce that was specific to the client’s needs.

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