K.A.N.A. Self Defense Brand Identity

We created a custom brand identity for K.A.N.A Self Defense that included a logo suite, font pairing, color palette, and t-shirt mockup.


K.A.N.A. Self Defense

Scope of Work:

Brand & Press Studio collaborated closely with Kwanye to create a brand identity, tailored specifically for K.A.N.A. Self Defense. The package included:

  • Custom Main + Alternate Logo Designs: A logo suite that features a combined custom symbol and text logo as the main design that highlights the brand’s colors, a custom symbol logo variation, and a text logo variation.
  • Logo Font Pairing: Georgia and Baskerville Old Face fonts used for the logo.
  • Color Palette: The 4-color brand palette consists of 2 blue colors, according to the client’s specifications, black, and white.
  • T-Shirt Mockup: A t-shirt design featuring the brand logo.
  • 1-Page Brand Board Style Guide: Comprehensive guide outlining logo usage, typography guidelines, and color specifications for cohesive brand representation.

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