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Designer On-Call

Done-With-You Retainer Services

The ultimate design solution for your regular design needs! Tailor your Designer On-Call plan to fit your daily, weekly, or monthly needs.

Unlimited design services for small business budgets

Are you tired of the hassle of managing individual design projects or searching for the perfect designer to meet your ongoing needs? Let us help you!

Our exclusive “Designer On-Call” retainer service is a game-changer for businesses, organizations, and individuals seeking comprehensive and consistent design support.

At Brand & Press Studio, we understand that your design needs often extend beyond one or two projects. That’s why we’ve curated the perfect solution for clients like you – the Designer-On-Call retainer service. It’s a prepaid, customizable package designed to cater to your unique design requirements, whether on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Read on to learn more and browse the current offerings.

Why you are here…


You’re fed up with managing individual design projects and the time-consuming hassle it involves.


You're tired of the constant search for a designer who truly understands and meets your ongoing design needs.


You're frustrated with the uncertainty of project costs and the delay in waiting for price quotes before work starts.

How we can help!


Enjoy the ease of seamless design support included in your monthly retainer fee, eliminating the need for individual project quotes.


Get top-priority service, ensuring timely completion of your time-sensitive projects.


Entrust all your design needs to a single studio, ensuring creative consistency and a professional brand image.

Your Ultimate Design Solution!

Advantages of Choosing Designer-On-Call:

  • Convenience: Bid farewell to the days of waiting for price quotes and wondering about the affordability of your next design project. With Designer-On-Call, you enjoy the convenience of seamless design support, included in your monthly retainer fee.
  • Priority Service: As a Designer-On-Call retainer client, your projects take top priority. No more delays – we understand that some projects are needed “yesterday,” and we’ve got you covered.
  • Consistency: Experience creative consistency by entrusting all your design needs to a single studio. Rest easy knowing that your marketing communication pieces will reflect your brand in the best and most professional light.
  • Cost-Effective and Customized: Tailor your Designer-On-Call plan to fit your unique needs, whether you require a few hours for minor monthly updates or a more extensive commitment for major projects. Enjoy the flexibility and cost-effectiveness that suits your business.
  • Discounted Design & Service Rates: Not only do you benefit from a 30% lower hourly rate, but unused hours can be carried forward to future months, ensuring you get the most value out of your retainer.
  • No Added Overhead: With Designer-On-Call, Brand & Press Studio becomes an extension of your business without the added costs of office space, equipment, or employee benefits. It’s a cost-effective way to get top-notch design without the unnecessary strain on your bottom line.
  • Accountability: Receive a detailed monthly account of work completed, time used, and remaining retainer. Regular calls keep you informed and allow us to address any design needs or outstanding work.
  • Direct Contact: Communication is key. Enjoy direct contact through phone, email, fax, or a custom instant messenger account, with a secured webpage for easy access to your requested work.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • Daily Retainer: 5 hours of unlimited design work for $625
  • Weekly Retainer: 20 hours of unlimited design work for $2625
  • Monthly Retainer: 40 hours of unlimited design work for $3800

Who Becomes a Retainer Client?

Whether you’re a startup in need of a comprehensive design kickstart or an established business with recurring design needs, our Designer-On-Call service caters to you. It’s your chance to have a dedicated designer in your pocket, ready to transform your ideas into stunning designs.

As your Designer On-Call, exclusively offered to our valued previous clients, I leverage the knowledge gained from our past collaborations on your brand to become intimately familiar with your business. This unique advantage ensures that our partnership results in truly remarkable creations driven by an in-depth understanding of your specific needs. The flexibility of our retainer service allows each contract to unveil surprising and diverse projects tailored to your evolving requirements. Moreover, you gain access to a convenient client portal, streamlining your experience by enabling seamless job requests and file access, all within one user-friendly location.

What Can You Achieve with Designer On-Call?

Imagine having a designer at your disposal for a set amount of hours – a day, a week, or a month. Here are just a few possibilities:

  • Weekly print flyers
  • Social media images
  • Document designs
  • Illustrations
  • Menu designs
  • Postcard designs
  • Calendar projects

Still Unsure? Let’s Chat!

If the idea of having a designer in your back pocket intrigues you, but you’re not sure if it’s the right fit, let’s talk. Schedule a consultation to explore how Designer-On-Call can elevate your business without breaking the bank.

Limited Spaces Available: Act Now!

Designer On-Call spaces are limited to maintain personalized service. Book your spot today, and let’s embark on a creative journey together. Your designer is just a call away, ready to turn your visions into reality.

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