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“Brand-o-graphy” DWY Business Branding Workshop

Our "Brand-o-graphy" workshop offers interactive guidance to help build heart-centered brands through effective brand strategy in 4 hours.
Starting Price: $375.00

Service Description

Are you ready to…

Lay an unbreakable foundation for your brand that answers the most critical questions about your purpose, audience, identity, and message?

Long gone are the days when products and services sold themselves. Nowadays, consumers aren’t just looking to buy from you; they are directly buying into you and looking for ways to connect with your brand’s story.

The cold, hard truth is that a pretty logo may give your business visual appeal, but if you aren’t crystal clear about the WHY behind your brand, WHO you serve, HOW you’re going to do it, and WHAT you are saying, no one will care.

The Brand-o-graphy: Business Branding Framework is the ultimate blueprint for small business owners and entrepreneurs to get to the core of their brand essence!

For this workshop, Desiree’ “Desi” Slaughter will guide you and share the tools required to move and inspire your customers or future employers with a clear, concise, and engaging brand story. 

This workshop will guide you through a series of fun but intense exercises designed to define your business’s brand and clarify your purpose, identity, message, and strategy going forward. You’ll learn to transcend “brand fog” – vague positioning and generic messaging – and unlock the power of your brand story by getting familiar with the soul of your brand.

After completing the workshop, you will be able to confidently demonstrate to your ideal consumers and the world exactly who you are and what makes you worth their time and money. Not only that, you will leave with a complete profile on your brand that includes everything you’d need to market it, influence customers, inspire supporters, and much more!

What Is A Brand Strategy Framework… And why do I need it?

Put simply; a Brand-o-graphy serves as a North Star, which defines what the brand stands for and acts as a guide to ensure all touch-points with the market build on the brand.

Read this post to learn more about a brand strategy framework

This Workshop is For You If…

  • You are a small business owner or entrepreneur ready to invest in and get laser-focused on your brand
  • You have a hard time communicating what makes your brand unique and what it has to offer to the world
  • You want to up-level or create your brand but aren’t sure of exactly where to start
  • You feel like your brand is ‘all over the place’, and you want to get focused and clear on what’s going to help your business grow
  • You want to rebrand your current business or create a new brand identity but don’t have a solid foundation to begin working with a designer
  • You know you need a strategy for your brand, but you just haven’t taken the time to learn how to do it the right way
  • You’re not sure if the marketing efforts you’ve done for your brand thus far have been effective
  • You aren’t attracting customers/clients who are the right fit or who have been wasting your time, and you’re ready to connect with your dream customers/clients

What’s Covered in the Workshop?

This workshop is made up of 6 modules broken down into mini, bite-sized exercises and activities to help you build your Brand-o-graphy from the ground up.

It may look like quite a bit to do (I’m not gonna lie, it is definitely extensive); however, each piece you complete will help you complete the following task, and so on and so forth. So, the idea is to work through each step sequentially to reach the end with all your pieces fully built out and functional. 

Take a look at the overview of the main elements that are included in the course below.

  • Course Introduction
  • Section 1: Defining Your Brand Concept
  • Section 2: Defining Your Brand Core
  • Section 3: What is Your Brand Persona?
  • Section 4: Developing Your Brand Messaging
  • Section 5: Creating Your Brand Identity
  • Section 6: Strategizing Brand Execution
  • Course Wrap-Up

Investment details

By choosing the workshop option, you will receive access to the comprehensive e-course and workbook at no additional cost.

The workshop is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of each of the 6 modules covered in the “Brand-o-graphy” Business Branding Framework. During the 4-hour session, we will divide the time into 40-minute blocks, where we will work one-on-one to guide you through each module in detail. You will have ample opportunity to ask questions during each block. This interactive approach will enhance your learning experience and ensure that you receive maximum value from the workshop.

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