What Is A Brand Strategy Framework… And do I need it?

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August 18, 2021

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Explore our Signature Brand Strategy Framework to help you build a heart-centered brand that really MATTERS to people and helps you GROW!


To guide your decisions when launching a brand, it’s critical to create a Brand Strategy Framework. As we explore our 6-Step Framework for Brand Strategy in this article, we will examine the following:

  • What is A Branding Framework?
  • Why You Should Have A Branding Framework
  • The Components of Our Signature Brand Strategy Framework
  • How You Can Get Started

Continue reading to learn more about each of these topics to gain a more detailed understanding of what goes into developing a Brand Strategy Framework.


Simply put, a brand framework is like a North Star that defines what the brand stands for and guides all touchpoints with the market. Branding strategies are long-term plans unique to each company and can be used to increase reach and connect with customers. As an example, a brand framework provides guidance for activities from product planning to development and go-to-market planning and writing agency briefs, and creating field communications.


For most companies, generating leads through marketing and closing deals in the sales process is a constant battle.

When it comes to brand failures as a whole, you are likely to find that there are two main reasons. A brand may have deviated from a framework that already existed, or they often ignore the strategic foundation that drives marketing and sales: Brand Strategy.

The digital era and the necessity for transparency mean that you have to be sure that your brand has a cohesive brand strategy framework since your audiences have more access to information, insights, and opinions.


Developing a framework for your brand can be done in a variety of ways. While every company’s approach to its brand strategy will be different, all should include a few basic elements.

Over the years, we developed the Brand-o-graphy: Brand Strategy Framework, which is a proven 6-step brand strategy framework that will help you create a heart-centered brand that really matters and helps your business grow!

In our six-step brand strategy framework, we’ll walk you through a series of fun and dynamic modules and exercises that will help you clarify your purpose, identity, message, and strategy for your business. 

The Brand-o-graphy: Brand Strategy Framework explores the following:

  1. Brand Concept or ‘BIG Idea’: Look deep into the heart of your brand and identify your “why” – why you’re in business, identify your place among your competitors, and get to know your target audience intimately.
  2. Brand Core of ‘Heart’: Get clear on what your brand stands for and the power within it. You’ll define (or revamp) your purpose, vision, mission, and values. Going forward, you’ll have a solid foundation to build out your brand.
  3. Brand Persona: Are you the Hero, the Sage, or the Lover? Take the quiz to discover the Archetypal Mix your brand takes on in the minds of consumers. You’ll be surprised to identify the company your brand would keep and what category of brands you’d fall within. 
  4. Brand Identity: Your brand involves SO much more than creating a pretty logo; there are several elements that make up its visual representation. We’ll guide you through the steps to define your brand’s styling and prepare a solid brand identity to get your brand noticed. 
  5. Brand Messaging: Choose your relevant brand flow. Develop a messaging framework that tells the world who you are, what you do, who you impact, and why. This will be your brand’s secret weapon for pulling in customers, clients, investors, followers, and more.
  6. Brand Execution: Put your brand into action and execute a flawless delivery. Secure your brand’s identity and assets, curate the right real estate, and set realistic goals for building brand awareness, making money, and working smarter – not harder.

Whew — still with us? We know this might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but the key is to take it slow and don’t rush yourself. Each level on the framework must bear an influence on the one above, as you progress through the steps. It’s much better that you follow the process from top to bottom and end this course with a remarkable brand rather than starting over a few months down the line due to a change of heart, brand fog, or error.

To create successful brand growth, you will need to apply these strategies if they are not already in place.


  • Frameworks can provide essential guidance and guardrails for the execution and management of brands.
  • Common reasons for brand failure are rooted in deviating from a framework that already existed, or there may have never been a framework.
  • The six levels of our Signature Brand Strategy Framework provide the foundation for establishing a brand. Each level influences the one below it. 
  • A Brand Strategy Framework is a living document that will be updated as your brand grows.

Ready to develop your Brand Strategy Framework? We’ve got you covered!

Get the 6-course Brand-o-graphy: Brand Strategy Framework Bundle in the Brand & Press Learning Center.

Investment details

  • Not ready to purchase the complete Branding Framework or don’t need all of the courses? Get a single course from our 6-step Signature Branding Framework for a fraction of the price. Each mini-course also includes a workbook with the course exercises.
  • Need some extra support as you complete the framework? No worries! Individual, Done-With-You workshops are available upon request. Investment starting at only $75/hour for a 4-hour session. 
  • Working with a team? Group rates are available upon inquiry. Reach out with your needs, and we’ll put together a package that works for your team.

Have you already developed a Brand Strategy Framework? What area do you need to focus on?

Leave a response in the comments section below. We’ll be checking!

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